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As a fiddler, guitarist (acoustic and electric), Northumbrian piper and singer, Andrew Cadie is a versatile musician who can contribute to a wide variety of musical styles.

Although very busy with Broom Bezzums, he has often been asked to contribute to recordings and live performances by other artists. These include…

Jez Lowe – two live tours and a track for on the “Heads Up” CD (adding fiddle, backing vocals, strings and trumpets)

Angelo Kelly and Family – fiddle dep on several German TV shows, including ZDF Fernsehgarten (2.6M viewers), MDR Das! (1M viewers) and a Christmas TV show for MDR. Also played fiddle on a CD signing tour while their album was at No.2 in the German charts.

Saoirse Mhór – fiddle, viola, backing vocals, guitar and bass on his 4th solo album. This included a co-production credit and the composition and performance of a string trio for one song.

Craig Herbertson – adding fiddle to most tracks on his album “A Health to the Ladies” and many instruments to “Communication Breakdown”, which Andrew also produced.

Lbow Grease  guest fiddle

Goodwin and Gray – adding fiddle, backing vocals and some percussion to the “As the Crow Flies” album (which he also produced), plus a live performance.

Tony Hudspeth – adding blues fiddle to a song for a forthcoming album.

Barry Hunt – adding fiddle, whistle and accordion to the album “I Sit on the Fence”, this was Andrew’s CD debut, aged 18!

Paul Cornwall – adding fiddle and pipes to the “Fortune’s Wheel” album, appearing alongside Roger Purves, Katie Doherty, Shona Mooney, Rachael McShane, Lillias Kinsman-Blake, Damien O’Kane, David Wood, Emily Portman, Lauren McCormick, Jim Causley, Yuhki Ohnogi & Ian Stepehnson.

Odenwälder Shanty Chor – Live performance with Northumbrian Pipes and lead vocals.


CDs Andrew Cadie has produced, recorded and played on. Hover over a cover to see details.

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