Producer & Studio

inspiration on tap

Andrew Cadie is an experienced music producer/engineer, with credits ranging from folk, singer-songwriter, pop, rock, world, jazz and classical. He works with clients in his own Wishing Well Studio. No two projects have been the same, but circumstances have ranged from full bands or ensembles wishing to capture performances live in the studio, to co-writing sessions, or solo artists with a set of songs that they’d like to turn in to a complete album. Andrew can help any artist to reach their full potential, building trust, creativity and rapport. He can work easily in English or German languages.

The idea is to find the essence of each piece of music, get the best performances out of the musicians and singers and capture it all with the best and most suitable microphones and preamps in a great sounding room. As a multi-instrumentalist, Andrew can accompany on a variety of instruments, organise and record session musicians such as top quality live drummers, or he can programme beats and create sound-design textures. Not only is Andrew a seasoned professional, he has a natural ability to hear the potential in anything, no matter how “bad” it might seem on the surface.

As a mix-engineer, Andrew can work remotely, with the client in the room, or with a high quality audio stream direct to the client’s local or home studio, enabling real-time collaboration with artists anywhere in the world. 

Recording, mixing, editing, mastering, sound design
Fiddle overdubs, string section arrangement and recording
Horn sections
Full band arrangements

Technical Basis
Wishing Well Studio is a cosy barn room with rough sandstone walls, vaulted ceiling and optimal acoustic treatment for tracking, mixing and mastering high quality sounds across the entire audio spectrum. It’s a great space to collaborate in and can be set up for jamming, overdubs, band sessions or serious mix sessions.

Microphones and preamps have been selected to offer a full range from pristine and clean to dirty and vibey. We can mix and match to get clarity, warmth, darkness, graininess. Whatever feels best for the setting. This is all in the analogue domain, before the sound even reaches the converter. Expect classic and vintage mics by Neumann, AKG, Sennheisser, Shure, Electrovoice and many more.
Preamps by SSL, Focusrite ISA and GAP (hand-modded Neve design).

The converters are part of a professional Universal Audio Apollo system, with 16 inputs and 8 outputs. Various headphone mixes and outputs for re-amping and multiple monitors are available.

Main monitoring is via a pair of Neumann 120a running off a Neumann DSP sub. The system controllers were measured and tuned to the room acoustic a by leading professional engineer, Paul Kuhnt, to ensure reliable translation of mixes and masters to other systems. 

DAW and mastering software runs with extensive mix, master, VST instrument and repair plugins from UAD, Slate, Waves, Plugin Alliance, Softtube, SSL, PSP and many more. 

Wishing Well Studio is also home to Andrew’s acoustic and electric guitars, violins, various percussion instruments, an 88 weighted key MIDI-Controller with various high-quality piano, keys and synth sample packs and a beautifully kept 100 year old pedal harmonium. Inspiration is never far away!