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It’s almost impossible to define what a music producer does. Any answer to this question would probably depend on who you ask. If you ask Andrew Cadie, he’d tell you that a producer is there to bring the best out of the artist and capture it as a recording. This can involve co-writing the song, arranging the music, selecting suitable recording techniques, creative post-production tricks and, most importantly, getting the best possible performance out of singers and musicians and presenting it in a meaningful way for listeners.

Andrew Cadie started recording music as a child on cassette tapes and reel-to-reel machines, bouncing sounds backwards and forwards, building up soundscapes, cutting and sticking the tape and experimenting with textures. He then moved on to multitrack tape machines, ADAT and then while studying at Newcastle University, he was introduced to computer-based recording and editing. Having worked with all these media, one thing has stuck with him – it’s the performance that counts. His open, focused, easy-going nature puts musicians at ease and helps to create that special take.

At the controls...
At the controls…

During his teens, Andrew spent his weekends helping out in-demand engineer Paul V. Smith with live sound, who trained him up in the basics of the trade. He got plenty of experience in Paul’s studio too.

Now Andrew Cadie has more than 15 years experience as a studio producer/engineer in his own right, with countless commercially available recordings under his belt, many of which have been play-listed on radio stations in Germany, the UK and worldwide.

Your Project

With various possibilities, Andrew Cadie can produce a recording on location, in his carefully specified Wishing Well studio, or in a studio of your choice.

Alternatively he can provide the final mix for a project recorded elsewhere.

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